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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Roy Casagranda

Roy Casagranda regularly provides news interviews, gives lectures, and writes articles and opinion pieces about Middle East politics and history.  He is also versed in political philosophy and US politics.

Dr. Roy Casagranda is a Professor of Government at Austin Community College (ACC). His areas of research include the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy, warfare, and political philosophy.


He is regularly featured on Austin’s ABC, NBC and Fox affiliates, where he serves as a Middle East and US politics expert. He is also ACC’s Middle East Political Affairs Expert. Casagranda was a regular contributor to Iran’s Mehrmaneh Weekly and the Hamshahri and Donya-e-Eqtesad dailies where he served as an expert in Arab and US politics and history. He has also written about the 2011 and 2013 Egyptian Revolutions for Austin’s TODO.


Casagranda published his first novel: The Blood Throne of Caria, a work of historical fiction set in the early 5th century BC Mediterranean, in 2018. Blood Throne explores the life of Artemisia I of Caria, a queen, governor, and admiral. And Casagranda runs The Austin School YouTube channel. Lectures on politics, history, and philosophy are performed live and uploaded later. The Austin School has well over 2 million views.

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