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Event Moderator

Haris E. Bilalović

.Haris E. Bilalović is one of the BHRT highest profile editors and anchors. The flagship talkshow "In Medias Res" , which he hosts weekly, examines current social challenges via the perspectives of theology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and other humanities.


In his portfolio as a facilitator, Haris has a broad range of projects and themes related to climate change, sustainability, decarbonisaton and green emissions. On the request of Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) in July 2023 he facilitated two panel discussions dedicated to just transition in the energy sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He hosted the BEEP conference in September 2022, which was held as part of the B&H Energy Efficient Project framework.


In the past few years, Haris contributed to various UNDP-funded initiatives, including "Localized Green Deal," "Greening Public Procurement," "From Climate Plan to Actions," and many more. He moderated debate series with young people on climate change that were jointly organized by UNDP and AISEC during the year 2021 and before COP26 took place in Glasgow. In December 2020 he was master of ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change, which was held in Sarajevo.

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